Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing the Complex is the sequel to infiltrating the airship. Released in 2015 by PuffballsUnited, the flash game stars the Machiavellian stickman, Henry Stickmin. In true Puffballsunited fashion, the game has five possible endings and sixty hilarious fails. Thus, you can expect a lot of funny and repeated fails. Also, the game has 18 medals. In contrast to other games in the Henry Stickmin series, this game is set in a snowy and mountainous region of Russia. The primary objective is to help Henry Stickmin escape prison without getting caught, which as you might have guessed is easier said than done.

The plot

After infiltrating the airship, Henry Stickmin is back for more. This time, Henry finds himself captured and detained inside the wall, the coldest and most brutal prison there is. Designed to hold the most dangerous and cunning criminals, the wall is an inescapable fortress. However, this does not deter the conniving stickman from plotting an escape and to be successful; he has to solicit the assistance of some old friends as well as new one. The game presents you with a number of options to choose from. Unfortunately, most of these options end in failure. Nevertheless, this is what makes the game exciting and hilarious.

The main characters in the game include the warden, Ellie, Gregory, Charles, and the Toppat leader. These characters will be involved in your escape and can help you earn medals. Ellie is the prisoner that Henry finds inside the transfer cell while Gregory is the officer ordered to move Henry by the warden. Also known as Dmitri Petrov the warden is the main protagonist in the game. On the other hand, Charles is a helicopter pilot who worked with Henry in previous Henry Stickmin games. To sweeten the plot, the Toppat Clan and the airship that Henry infiltrated in the previous game makes a comeback. In addition to the main characters, the game also features several minor characters.


Compared to the other games in the series, fleeing the complex is relatively easier to play. This is thanks to the new map feature that allows you to go back to a scene. This feature comes in handy when you want to go back and try a different option. Henry’s escape attempts begin when he is about to be moved to the transfer cell. Here you will be presented with four options to choose from. You can choose any one of the four to start an escape attempt.

The simple animation and art of the game are fluid and expressive. As for the voice acting, it is solid. The only drawback is the lack of subtitles, which means that if you are not a fan of playing with sound or have problems hearing there is no alternative. Nevertheless, the game is full of possibilities and hilarious twists and turns that will keep you glued to your computer screen over and over again. Available online for free, all you need to enjoy this flash game is your computer mouse.

Boost up, charge tackle, wait for the transfer, and play dead, are the main options you are to use to commence an escape attempt. The first option has two possible endings and a lot of fails and involves Henry asking for help from his cell mate, Ellie. This option has two possible endings, both of which result in you earning a medal. The first option is to bring Ellie and the second is for Henry to go solo leaving Ellie in the cell. Depending on the options you select the first instance results in you earning the allied convicts medal while the second case will win you the Ghost Inmate medal.

Charge tackle is the second option available. Under this option, Henry tackles Gregory and makes a run for it. Of course, this leads to a number of scenarios each with its set of choices to select from. Depending on how good you are, this option will lead you to earn the presumed dead medal. Of the four options available, this is probably the easiest. Also, this is the only option where doing nothing and letting the timer run out results in an escape.

Alternatively, you can select the third option and wait to be transferred. This option has two possible endings. The first option does not end well though it will earn you The Betrayed medal. The second possible conclusion results in another medal, the International Operative Medal. With this third option, you can decide to either call the Toppat Clan, which is still headed by Henry, or contact the government. If you choose to go wit the Toppat Clan, you will ultimately earn The Betrayed medal though at the cost of Henry’s life. The alternative is calling the government, which results in you winning the International Operative Medal at no cost.

Finally, you can choose to play dead. This option has only one ending, and it is not a good one. This is because all dead inmates are tossed into the ocean. Thus, by selecting the play dead option, you condemn your stickman to a watery death. You Can Visit


The new flash game from Puffballsunited comes with a map feature, which makes navigation easy. Unfortunately, the game does not come with the step-back characteristic. However, it does have a timer, which helps you know how much time you have left to make a decision. The time is in the form of a bar at the top of the screen. This bar fills up as time lapses. In some levels, not all choices are made available at the beginning of the countdown, some become available when the bar is about to fill up.


Fleeing the complex is a large game that can take some time to load. Nonetheless, it is well worth the wait. This game is the fifth installment in the Henry Stickmin series and is as hilarious as the other four. Also, you are bound to get a sense of de Ja Vu when playing the game as it has references from other popular games such as Super Mario Bros.

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